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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Devil in the Details: About My First Tarot Reading MP3's

Hello Everyone! I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful, magical holiday season.

Yesterday some new additions appeared on my site http://www.farahstarot.com/farahstarot6_004.htm : a page of readings with links to mp3’s so you can listen to a full analysis of my cards talking about the former and current First Families, as well as the future of another celebrity couple, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. My cards do not gossip or play politics because they are tools for good. But they can help us to take a look at celebrities as human beings. I think it’s such a shame that the human side of public figures is usually ignored in favor of scandal and misery.

Here I show you a selection of the cards that made up these actual readings, with some comments about what they said about the subjects. (My scanner won’t hold the whole spreads, so I’ve included pictures of some of their important individual cards.)

It is interesting that Hollywood makes us think that the most negative-looking cards represent the most negative things. This is not always the case. It is their relationship to each other in the spread that betrays their true meaning. The Clintons’ spread has some heavy cards such as Devil, Death and the 9 of Swords. But also there are very positive and inspiring ones such as The Star or 10 of Cups. And as in any spread, they work together—just as in life the negative and positive interact to define and hopefully illuminate our past, present and future.

The spread for Bill and Hillary Clinton and their daughter Chelsea shows love, tremendous strength and important, dynamic futures, currently clouded and stifled by guilt and shame. The 9 of Swords represents the base of this couple’s problem, a deep and bitter feeling and discomfort. The Devil is the past problems in their marriage. Death is a new path for a new beginning, meaning that something will be reborn in this relationship. See, though Death can be interpreted as an ending, it should be remembered that in the balance of the spirit every ending is also the reflection of a new beginning.

Here The Star represents Hillary’s future victory and her ability to master her mood even in the worst situations. When Bill fully embraces her forgiveness, which will facilitate his forgiving of himself, he will be greatly empowered and well on the road to his greater destiny.

The 10 of the Cupc and the Hierpohant together give the message of a happy marriage and family life of Chelsea. This will also empower the former First Couple.

This reading is a pure reflection of personality and emotion. This is a family with a very close bond of love and affection, a secure love that empowers the President and gives him some of the strength he needs to pursue his policies. Good family news is awaiting Laura in 2006. The 3 of Cups represents this good news for the First Lady.

King of Swords is President Bush. The 8 of Wands shows good developments for the President. These are very fast coming, good and positive developments for him personally and politically, bringing a feeling of relief within his spirit. The Justice card and the 3 of Coins together shows a new important legal agreement or pact.

This is a very positive spread for the Bushes; it shows a bright future for them as a couple in which their marriage will remain strong, and both individuals will remain influential long after their stay in the White House has ended.

Even though there is an obvious sadness in the general layout of this Tarot reading, most of the cards are showing a better future for Jessica and Nick.

Here Jessica is represented with Queen of the Wands. She is strong, loving, caring and passionate. Her feelings are very deep and she has a very developed sense of protection for her loved ones. King of the Swords is the potential boyfriend that Jessica has to avoid. His horoscope sign is an Air element such as Gemini, Libra or Acquarius. On the other hand, King of the Wands is a nice, warm hearted gentleman who has a big admiration for Jessica. And he is waiting for her.

Nick is Knight of Cups. A very romantic and sensitive guy! But he has been longing for a new adventure, and adventure of life that can only happen without the bond of this marriage. Death and The Tower cards mark the end of this marriage as definite.
Now here is the sad part: the Sun card shows the baby who was going to be their son. This baby was coming with a touch of luck into his parent’s life. But now he must wait. It will take another reading to gain some insight as to where this baby will be born. Maybe he will be Jessica’s after all.

These spreads, particularly the Clintons’, show how the cards are a microcosm of our universe. You could look at one card outside of the context of the reading, just as you could look at one incident outside of the context of a whole life, and form a narrow and unfair picture. And isn’t this what happens all the time, every day, in the world around us? We are frequently fed only one side of a story. We sometimes can see only one facet of an incident, or an individual’s personality. But it is our ability to look at as many facets of a person or situation as possible, that gives us the chance to live in a state of forgiveness, safety and harmony with the universe.

Please visit my site to hear the readings (they are posted in Spanish also if that is your first language). More readings and their mp3’s will be posted regularly. Please let me know what you think, and feel free to email me at farahstarot@yahoo.com to suggest other hearts you’d like the cards to shed some light on.

Oh, and please visit my new forum, http://pub11.bravenet.com/forum/884395952 and invite your friends over to chat about the Tarot, spirituality, ghosts, Dead Tenants, and whatever topic brightens yourt mystical world.

By the way, for the investigations on Dead Tenants on TLC, I use the Tarot as a tool to give me a better, fuller picture of the family members, the home, and the unwanted guests. Maybe one of the readings will be included in a future episode.


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