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Monday, November 07, 2005

A Magical Turkish Tradition: Coffee

The realm of the mystical has always been an accepted part of everyday life in Turkey. Here in America as in many parts of the world, people have a special mystical ritual for their mornings. They stagger from bed, half asleep, and wander to the kitchen to make a magic beverage that breathes the first life into their day. Yes of course I’m talking about coffee.

Turkish coffee is one of the most famous traditions of my country. It’s thick, strong, aromatic and like my people, it’s very sweet! (well mostly) Here’s how you make it, you’ll see it’s very different from western style coffees.

Use medium-roast coffee that's ground finer than espresso, as fine as you can make it. If you have a coffee mill you can probably do this at home, or your coffee store can probably grind the beans Turkish style.

You’ll need a small stovetop pitcher like the kind shown here (the real thing is called an ibrik) . Put 1 tsp of the ground coffee and 1 tsp of sugar to every 2 oz of water. Bring the mixture to a boil. As the rich light brown foam rises to the top, just before it boils over, pour the foam. To be extra traditional, repeat this twice for a total of three boilings. (You may want to stir it just a little so the coffee doesn’t get cooked to the bottom.)

Serve it in small cups, like espresso cups, it’s very strong!! When you sip it the grounds will sink to the bottom. Don’t stir it; traditionally there is magic in these coffee grounds and this is where some eastern seers read the future. So you see, the magic is not just in the aroma. It’s very different from western style where the physical coffee gets filtered away. In fact, in another reversal from the western way, in Turkey it’s traditional for the head of the household or the most important guest to be served the “dregs” from the bottom of the ibrik—because that’s where the strongest brew is found, and the most mystical power.

Or is it just caffeine?


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