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Friday, November 04, 2005

The Last Resort: This Week's "Dead Tenants" on TLC

Imagine a beautiful family... a young couple with 3 pretty children... a great house in a lovely garden... and behind this peaceful picture a life which is threatened by paranormal activities night and day. Imagine that happy young couple sharing their bed with a malevolent ghost. This was the story of Fred and Kathleen, whose marriage was being eroded by a spirit that started targeting Fred almost as soon as they moved into their dream house. Fred and Kathleen were the host family of this week’s “Dead Tenants” on TLC, and as is our practice the PRS team spent a long weekend with them, beginning on Friday night and lasting long into Sunday night. And a startling weekend it was.

Fred’s story is remarkable in many ways. He never had this kind of problem in his life until he and his family moved into this house. So we can say that paranormal activity or the ghosts are more attached to this location and did not come with him from somewhere else. But on the other hand I really believe that Fred has a psychic power even though he is not aware of it. The entity-ghost-spirit preferred to show the manifestations to him. In a way he was chosen because he was the most available conduit. And his natural reaction of fear opened the door for the entity or entities to step through.

Although because of the limitations of Dead Tenants’ hour-long format we are sometimes forced to limit our coverage to a single spirit, this house, like many other haunted places, seemed to have multiple ghosts. When I started my walk-through I immediately picked up the death of a young child. The misery and depression related with the loss of a child was everywhere. And later in the basement I started to see the image of a tired-looking old man. He gave me the feeling that he didn’t like our presence there at all. He felt as if he was being invaded.

One of the most important moments of this investigation was a poltergeist activity. Just after we went to our beds in the basement a clipboard moved by itself and dropped on the floor. It was filmed by our cameras. That specific place is where Kathleen always used to experience the child ghost. Ghost energy tried to give us a signal moving the clipboard. What was it trying to tell us? To get out? To listen and acknolwedge it? Strangely when I was downstairs I started to see hands, and hands were banging the walls. Personally I didn’t feel attacked by any negative entity but later when we were in the kid’s bedroom suddenly I saw the old man getting very angry with Jane and he tried to choke her.

But it was not the kids’ bedroom that was the focus of the malevolent spirit, but the parents’. Fred had his visions in many different places of the house. But the most harsh experiences happened to him in his own bed. Fred and Kathleen were sharing their bed with this negative energy every night. As I said on the show it wasn’t a bedroom, it was a kind of grave to me as I got very negative impressions in the master bedroom. The target was their marriage, their family. The negativity was trying to separate them using Fred. That’s why most of the things happened in the master bedroom. What better place to come between a couple. Fred said that when he would be attacked in his sleep he would be awake but unable to move or scream. Also sometimes the experience would start with a humming sound in his ears. What he describes is very close to sleep paralysis.

Fred also heard fists pounding, and this is another thing I experienced in the basement. You will remember there was another “hot spot” in the basement where they had the water pump. Most of the negative energy was getting fed by that water. As I stated in the show water is a perfect spiritual conductor and carrier. That’s why especially in my country, Turkey, some psychics read the past and the future in a bowl of water. And in Fred’s home that water entrance was an open door to the spirits.

Well, we can’t live without water in our homes. But there is another element that attracts negative energy that we should try hard to banish: Fear. We attract what we fear. Fear is the food, drink and happiness of negative entities. As long as you keep fear in your mind or in your soul, what you are afraid of can easily find you. As you may have detected, by the time PRS was called to that house, Fred had been living in fear for a very long time, and was growing more and more defenseless in a terrible cycle of attacks and weakened reaction. He feared for himself, for his family, and he feared losing his family as well--making the marriage bed the perfect place to focus the attacks. FDR’s famous statement “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” can be LITERALLY true.

It is not Fred’s fault that we live in a society where our first reaction to this kind of thing is frequently to attack ourselves: “Am I crazy?” “What’s the matter with me?” And when we attack ourselves we send the signal that it is OK for others, people and things, to attack us too. I believe that Fred—as all of us do—has the strength to conquer these fears and close the door to his tormentors. And once he embraces this fact he will be free.

Because he is luckier than he thinks. Yes Fred is lucky. You see, he has friends, home, and a loving family. The very things the spirits are trying to rob from him, are the reasons they must fail.


Blogger Hope said...

What has become of the family since the show was taped? The ending said that the spirits have returned.

November 04, 2005 9:01 AM  
Blogger Miketeecool said...

Yeah, I had a feeling that those spirits were not going that easily.
They are like rats and cockroaches who would hide for a moment and return. It takes a lot more than a weekend to battle them...I think.
I think you should revisit this house and help the poor guy. Bring in some reinforcement...like a priest or something. From watching the show I thought he was close to going Mad and be part of the group of entities that haunt the house.

November 04, 2005 9:37 AM  
Blogger pombabepom said...

I enjoy the show again,really looking forward next week.You dont see one like this on any other show! DEAD TENANTS is GREAT!!I learn something new everytime I watch Dead Tenants-mainly with water, last time was water coming out of ceiling now entity/spirits coming through water pump. WATER!!

November 04, 2005 9:47 AM  
Blogger TwiZtidX said...

Hello. This was in my opinion a really good episode. I loved what Farah said about the cross, and I have a question. Did anybody else notice how NOT RIGHT the black cross was? His feet were planted side by side, not
crossed, He was looking upwards (I had yet to ever see a crucifix where He is looking up), and the scroll was way off. I hope they didn't just take it down and put it away. I really hope they destroyed it in some way or another.

November 08, 2005 6:57 AM  

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