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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Thoughts on the latest DEAD TENANTS on TLC : The Unknown Soldier


Hi everybody, ghost hunters or ghost lovers (or ghosts!!) Last Thursday I had a wonderful time watching the 3rd episode of DEAD TENANTS at home. I wasn’t in this one and had no idea about the story until I saw it on the screen. It was a very emotional and interesting experience even though I wasn’t there.

The McDonough family’s 200-year-old house was haunted by several ghosts. Each of the ghosts reflected their memories sometimes as sounds inside of the house, or by moving objects like the clock on the wall of the porch, and other times by showing themselves to the current owners of the place and their visitors. Jane and Noelle picked up the presence of a young woman named Jenny who showed a particular interest in watching women do their hair and makeup (I wonder what she thinks of modern styles?) And the ghost of the wife of a former owner was also detected, along with a resident of the place when it was used as a boarding house, who may have been a gangster. But the primary spirit was the title character, a Civil War soldier. As you will see in various episodes of DEAD TENANTS on TLC, some places have a particular attraction for ghosts, and where there is one spirit present there can be several others also.

PRS is always open to working with sceptics and there was a sceptic in this episode too. In fact I have to say he used to be a sceptic, because after having all the spiritual sensations in and out of his body during the seance he changed his point of view, as they say in Turkey, “he did a 180.” Spiritual seances are important because in many cases sceptics start to experience ghost activity, or some spirits single them out to convey a message to the living ones. In a way sceptics can be good psychics too.

That’s what happened in this episode. The sceptic and a family friend, Mark, were contacted by the ghosts in a very unexpected way. During the seance they experienced the pain and fever of the dying soldier. Mark is a former Marine and combat veteran of Viet Nam, which could be one of the reasons the spirit reached out (and reached through) him, because of their shared bond of soldierhood. Without a doubt this changed their lives. The sceptic’s eyes are now open to a different dimension. And Mark, who is a fearless man who faced death many times, has been awakened to a new spirtuality and found a new focus for his life. Sometimes the bravest thing a person can do is realize there is something larger that can’t be seen every day.

Deryl's scientific equipment didn't turn up anything substantial, you will remember he had hours of recording without any EVP's. But in this case the sceptics themselves offered some of the best evidence of all: they changed their minds. And we all know that changing a person's mind can be a lot harder to do than to see a ghost!


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