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Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Spirit in the Basement: What You Didn't See on Dead Tenants on TLC Last Week

Behind The Lindenmeier Case

The general concept of The Learning Channel's DEAD TENANTS is to get to the root of a haunting in the course of 3 days. As you know the PRS team spends a weekend together with each family at their house. We go there without having any information about the case itself and we are not allowed to ask questions about it to the family members. And step by step we find out the real reasons of the haunting.

The Lindenmeier house was occupied by several ghosts. When I first got there I had to wait a couple of hours outside in the back yard as I wasn’t allowed to go into the house until the rest of the PRS team had arrived and production was ready to begin. While I was sitting by the pool and looking around I suddenly saw the first ghost, which was the teenage boy, was looking at me from one of the bedroom windows. Most of the time ghosts decide which psychic to contact. And this was what happened to me with the young boy. I saw him very clearly in front of my eyes, as if he was a real person. His long dark hair done in ‘70s fashion, his very pale skin, big dark eyes were the first aspect that he showed me. He looked calm but unhappy.

We were at the begining of the investigation and I said: “Ok, I guess we are starting early... he wants to give me a message.”

Ghosts are frequently tied to living people. In fact they need living energy to express themselves in our dimension. Later I sensed the boy’s existence in the same bedroom very heavily. When I was lying down in the bed, as you saw in the show, he came and touched my hand. And remember that the Lindenmeier house is a nonsmoking place... When I was still in that room I started to experience a very heavy smell as if somebody was smoking next to me. Larry Lindenmeier came and I started to explain to him what I was seeing, that the ghost was there and trying to communicate with us.The young boy’s spirit was floating around in the room, and in the moment I pointed out that he was getting closer to the door, the door opened by itself! You can see this happen in the show-- Mr. Lindenmeier, a sceptic, was quite surprised to say the least.

Larry Lindenmeier owns a very big collection of board games, old toys, playing cards and some other collectibles. He doesn’t know how many pieces he has but it has be hundreds. Like most collectibles, most of the pieces of his collection are used, second-third hand toys or games. Old and used objects can carry the energy of their ex-owners. Objects carry this energy and keep it alive. When you get a used object you also get the memories related to its former owners. Imagine hundreds of toys and collectibles all around, and each piece is coming from another life experience. Especially playing cards. How do you play with them? With your hands... and you leave on them your spiritual finger prints. And games, cards... more than just fun surrounds them. They can carry the tensions, the competitions, the hunger for money and gambling, the disappointments. Many peeople have lost their homes because of simple deck of cards. A house full of collectibles, like this one we visited in Dead Tenants, creates a very suitable environment for ghost activity to grow.

Remember at the end of the investigation water sprang from the ceiling? There was not enough time to show it, but they checked the pipes and the air conditioning and couldn’t find any mundane reason for it. Because there was another reason... water and spirit energy are always very much connected. Water is a perfect conductor to communicate with the spirits. That’s why some mediums see the past and the future in a bowl of water. The Lindenmeier house was under a very heavy blanket of ghost activity. After our investigations and seance the conditions changed there. Some of the ghost knew that they weren’t allowed there anymore. And the mysterious water leak was a response, a reaction, a farewell from the invisible tenants of the house—and perhaps a “parting shot” by the one of them, as the lady of the house observed. What a mess!


Blogger pombabepom said...

I really like this one, where the water came out of the ceiling. PHENOMENAL!

October 31, 2005 7:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Farah, it's Natalie from the DT boards. I just read this entry and you pointed out the games that had not been talked about during the show. When I was watching the show during an interview with Larry, all I could stare at was the board games. I kept thinking how strange they were and how MANY there were! I really like that you expressed that in this blog. It makes complete sense to me that items that are vintage, with a history, have a link to other people in other times. I really hope that the family feels better in their home. I'm sure you have read this, but Jane also wrote about another time that there was a water problem in the home after the taping of the show. I thought that was very interesting as well. The mother certainly was vindictive. I think it is also interesting that you could smell the smoke from the boy. I have often smelled strange things around me and felt a memory spring upon me for no apparent reason. After reading that I am going to try to be more aware the scents I pick up in places that there would not normally have it. Thanks for all your wisdom Farah!


November 23, 2005 3:32 PM  
Blogger daojavante said...

Would you be able to look at some Pictures took in a home and tell someone about them.They are Ghost Pic's.

December 04, 2005 9:50 PM  
Blogger Psychic Farah said...

Hello daojavante,

Thanks for posting on my blog. Can you please email me your pictures at: farah@farahstarot.com

I would be glad to look at them and let you know my thoughts.

Please let me know if it is ok for me to publish them on my blog so others can view them and share their thoughts too.

Thanks again,

December 05, 2005 10:18 AM  
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